Fighting Self Portrait

Hey look! Whozzat! It’s me!

This kinda isn’t my usual. Style, I mean, it’s my usual face. I tried pen ink, and used a photo as the basis, and I was shooting for something kinda different anyway. See, I’ve been reading the Buffy comics since around seventh grade, way before I was even watching Buffy (which I’m still in the process of catching up on, bit of a backwards process) and there’s a new artist. Absolutely to die for, I have no idea how to even describe it justly, and it got me thinking about comic book art. So, here, something in a different vein.

Anyway, I guess we haven’t seen me in a while, this is about what I look like these days.


About Tessa Tallagnon

I draw things. Take a look and maybe say something.

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  1. I love it! It DOES look like you…. Except your nose is smaller. And please tell me you HAVEN’T shaved the side of your head! ( your Nana has spoken!)

  2. Paul P. Corologos

    Absolutely wonderful. very strong presentation. I always viewed my granddaughter as a super hero. Now i know. Oh, by the way, a very happy birthday to you, Tessa. Love, Poppy!

  3. Strong character in this one. Lovely. Truly gifted artists are able to change their style on a whim. This defines you. We like it very much!

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