This Has Been a PSA

Hey! This blog doesn’t formally update anymore. For three years it was an art blog belonging to Tessa Tallagnon. It is still technically all of those things. The internet is forever, kids. She was in a two year visual arts tech program, and intended to become an animator. The artist loved art, and also you, but stuff happened. For a while I could only attribute my sudden disinterest in art to a permanent effect of temporary unhappiness, but the more immersed I become in my new area of study (screenwriting for television), the more I see that I was never the right way about art to do it professionally. Believe me that I’m somewhere better now. But that doesn’t invalidate the time we had together. That would be as stupid as dismissing any other relationship just because it was over.

I can’t give you a timeframe for seeing my work in this new medium, if you’d like to keep up, but I can tell you that I have literally hundreds of pages of writing already. When there’s something to see, it’ll be here. In the meantime, feel free to hang out. I loved this place too.


About Tessa Tallagnon

I draw things. Take a look and maybe say something.

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  1. What you are experiencing is normal to the curious and creative mind … somewhat like the world we live in. There are myriads of possibilities and enchantments. It is normal to have a run of one interest and then it lessens and lessens as another interest takes place. And that new interest may have been inspired by the first interest. Not to worry. So, you put that first interest on a shelf for awhile. Multitasking, though exciting, is stressful and exhausting. I read a new quote recently, which I find refreshing and soothing. I will paraphrase it … Nature does not hurry, and it gets everything done, sooner or later. Look at the weather we are having! It is November and balmy, and the forecast is for more of the same. Yet, Winter will come. One of the things we can count on I learned in a philosophy class, is nature.
    The Desiderata tells us so beautifully how to live our lives so that we have peace … only associate yourself with activities and people who are not irritations to your spirit or take too much of your valuable time. One needs to set boundaries for oneself and be able to work and sometimes just be quiet. ” To thine own self be true” , and then you can go out into the world and produce the best of your best.
    Am I making sense, here?

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