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“[Radio Trees] has been known to cure mismatched socks and tested well with elephants. And you should check it out and maybe say things. Thanks.” -Tessa Tallagnon, creator of this blog and acclaimed narcissist

“Well, she’s made a total of negative two dollars [from selling Radio Trees t-shirts].” -Dan, manager

Hi, I’m Tessa. I drew things and I put them up here when they were finished. I’m nineteen, live in New England of the US, and have apparently learned nothing from those after school specials about giving out personal information on the internet. I take joy in making pretty things. These days I’m making tv scripts, and living in a place where they teach me more about doing that. Thanks for taking a look around, and please feel free to stay a while, you may even like it here. Welcome to Radio Trees.

  1. Paul P. Corologos

    I enjoy your site- lots of fun! Love, Poppy

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