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This Has Been a PSA

Hey! This blog doesn’t formally update anymore. For three years it was an art blog belonging to Tessa Tallagnon. It is still technically all of those things. The internet is forever, kids. She was in a two year visual arts tech program, and intended to become an animator. The artist loved art, and also you, but stuff happened. For a while I could only attribute my sudden disinterest in art to a permanent effect of temporary unhappiness, but the more immersed I become in my new area of study (screenwriting for television), the more I see that I was never the right way about art to do it professionally. Believe me that I’m somewhere better now. But that doesn’t invalidate the time we had together. That would be as stupid as dismissing any other relationship just because it was over.

I can’t give you a timeframe for seeing my work in this new medium, if you’d like to keep up, but I can tell you that I have literally hundreds of pages of writing already. When there’s something to see, it’ll be here. In the meantime, feel free to hang out. I loved this place too.




In my lovely hometown of Burlington, Arts Riot (an institution I initially resented for replacing my favorite market/bakery, which had cream puffs the size of my outstretched hand, but have come around to see is exactly the kind of thing I get behind (and my more cynical friends hate)) has started doing monthly poetry slams. I am charmed as hell to know both this month’s featured poet, and the next, and Ms. October is right above you. This is my friend Kalsang, and if you’re up in Burlington, you should go to the poetry slam at Arts Riot and see her perform. Gonna be a rad time.

Punk Flower Crowns

Punk Flower Crowns

I’ve been so excited about this piece! So, here’s the final unveiling. I tried to be a lot more detailed with this one, and I used cel shading instead of soft. (Except the eyes and the hair rooty bit, obviously.) And I finally figured out eyelashes! There’s a bunch of process stuff over on the Radio Trees Tumblr, which you should look at.

Merchandise! Better than Before!

Hey! I’m selling stuff again! And it’s all way better than before! Better company, and better designs. Check out Radio Trees on Society6 and buy cool things! Including wall clocks! (I’ve mentioned wall clocks to, like, three people in the last twenty-four hours. I am so jazzed about the wall clocks, guys.)

I really love Society6 because the shirts are really comfortable and well fitting (I recommend the tri-color/athletic fabrics for the top experience) and you can alter the image for different products. Which is important.

I’m not done putting up designs (and I’m also gonna revisit a couple old concepts because of nostalgia requests) but you should go check out cool stuff! Shipping’s free until the 8th. Once again, that’s Couldn’t be easier.


Hand Grabbing (Done)


Fighting Self Portrait

Hey look! Whozzat! It’s me!

This kinda isn’t my usual. Style, I mean, it’s my usual face. I tried pen ink, and used a photo as the basis, and I was shooting for something kinda different anyway. See, I’ve been reading the Buffy comics since around seventh grade, way before I was even watching Buffy (which I’m still in the process of catching up on, bit of a backwards process) and there’s a new artist. Absolutely to die for, I have no idea how to even describe it justly, and it got me thinking about comic book art. So, here, something in a different vein.

Anyway, I guess we haven’t seen me in a while, this is about what I look like these days.

Goat I

Goat I

Hey look it’s the new piece that you could already see in the photo from Art and Peace Day, but better!

Art & Peace Day (Is a Thing that Happened)



Good times for all involved.


Art & Peace Day

Ey, Burlington kids. I’m gonna be displayed for Art & Peace Day at BHS tomorrow, and there’s a new piece premiering! I’m nuts excited, you should look around.

Monster Pixie

Monster Pixie Design


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