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In my lovely hometown of Burlington, Arts Riot (an institution I initially resented for replacing my favorite market/bakery, which had cream puffs the size of my outstretched hand, but have come around to see is exactly the kind of thing I get behind (and my more cynical friends hate)) has started doing monthly poetry slams. I am charmed as hell to know both this month’s featured poet, and the next, and Ms. October is right above you. This is my friend Kalsang, and if you’re up in Burlington, you should go to the poetry slam at Arts Riot and see her perform. Gonna be a rad time.


Punk Flower Crowns

Punk Flower Crowns

I’ve been so excited about this piece! So, here’s the final unveiling. I tried to be a lot more detailed with this one, and I used cel shading instead of soft. (Except the eyes and the hair rooty bit, obviously.) And I finally figured out eyelashes! There’s a bunch of process stuff over on the Radio Trees Tumblr, which you should look at.


Hand Grabbing (Done)


Fighting Self Portrait

Hey look! Whozzat! It’s me!

This kinda isn’t my usual. Style, I mean, it’s my usual face. I tried pen ink, and used a photo as the basis, and I was shooting for something kinda different anyway. See, I’ve been reading the Buffy comics since around seventh grade, way before I was even watching Buffy (which I’m still in the process of catching up on, bit of a backwards process) and there’s a new artist. Absolutely to die for, I have no idea how to even describe it justly, and it got me thinking about comic book art. So, here, something in a different vein.

Anyway, I guess we haven’t seen me in a while, this is about what I look like these days.

Goat I

Goat I

Hey look it’s the new piece that you could already see in the photo from Art and Peace Day, but better!

Monster Pixie

Monster Pixie Design



Asher's Portrait

A portrait of the forever wonderful Asher, done for his birthday, the twelfth of February.

Coloring this, effectively trying to turn it more solidly into a rationally three-dimensional object, has made me realize it may be some of my best work. Also, he totally makes just that face.

Some Day They’ll Make Sculptures of the Idols We Created in Our Bedrooms with Webcams and Makeup Palettes

It's a comment on innocence or something.

(Maybe you haven’t seen, but deer makeup has been a thing recently. Thus…)



Sky Whale

Sky Whale

“Is it a nurse?”

“What? No, it’s a sky whale, it’s, like, a god.”

“Oh. I thought, ’cause, the– those things look like slings, and then the– crown? Looks like a nurse cap. So.”

“Yes, Julie, it’s the medical whale. It flies around and it has the Red Cross symbol on its stomach, so, like, you’re having an emergency and you look up into the sky and you go, ‘oh, the medical whale’s here!’ It’s a modern alternative to an ambulance.” (And here there was a scathing look.)

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