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Goat I

Goat I

Hey look it’s the new piece that you could already see in the photo from Art and Peace Day, but better!


Sky Whale

Sky Whale

“Is it a nurse?”

“What? No, it’s a sky whale, it’s, like, a god.”

“Oh. I thought, ’cause, the– those things look like slings, and then the– crown? Looks like a nurse cap. So.”

“Yes, Julie, it’s the medical whale. It flies around and it has the Red Cross symbol on its stomach, so, like, you’re having an emergency and you look up into the sky and you go, ‘oh, the medical whale’s here!’ It’s a modern alternative to an ambulance.” (And here there was a scathing look.)




Hi. Sorry I’m late. Here’s a rat. I’m not really sure what happened to him. Probably sewer wars. And look! Traditional media! I’ve developed an affection for pens, pastels, and markers of late. Usually all together.

Things are gonna be like this for a bit, too. Radio Trees will update around 3 PM EST on Mondays until probably the new year. I’d apologize for the inconvenience, but this is actually much more organized than the usual. I should probably work on that.

Lord of the Flies Again

More Lord of the Flies. I’m sorry, I promise everything will be back to normal soon.

This one was for English class, so it’s a bit darker. And more grotesque. (I had to look at the inside of a pig’s mouth, so you do, too, alright?) And that’s Simon in there, to be clear. This was based on that scene with the Lord. (Have you figured out what my favorite part of the book was yet?)

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