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Lord of the Flies

So I was talking to Malcolm on Wednesday about Lord of the Flies and the relationship between being a sociopath and being mentally deranged (which is that, you know, if you’re a sociopath, you’re mentally deranged, but if you’re mentally deranged, you could be a sociopath, or you could be the sort who has tea parties with imaginary people) and I was trying to use Simon as proof of hope for humanity, what with all the crazies on the island.

Malcolm: He talked to the Lord of the Flies.

Me: Yeah, I know, but that was apparently metaphorical.

Malcolm: No, it was a pig’s head. Simon’s just crazy.

Me: …Yeah, okay. Maybe Simon’s the tea-parties-with-imaginary-people sort.

Malcolm: Maybe he had a tea party with the Lord of the Flies.

Mr. Golding, I am so sorry.

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