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NaCaScriMo is officially killing me. Eyes are all I can draw right now. Please just let me have this. Eventually things will be good again.

If you find this all less than impressive, please remind yourself that last weekend you got colored animation. Then please pretend this is a valid argument against your disappointment.


Photography Philler III

Yeah, I know, I’m sorry. I tried to get a bunch of different things done for you, but terrible things went wrong with each one. Anyway, I have this for you, and I might be able to accomplish some more stuff soon.

From this:

to this:

This one took several hours. People are a lot more complicated than landscapes. Or I’ve become better at editing recently. Not really sure.

Hills at Night

I was playing around with gradients and brushes and such.


Probably not gonna be another drawing this weekend because… Art Fest. Yeah. (Actually, that’s sort of a legitimate excuse. You’ll see.)

Anyway, this is what the kids call a sketch dump. See you next weekend.

Remember Marcus? Actually, I guess you don’t. He was another character in the failed post-apocalypse comic I did, which is starting not to look so failed. More and more stuff keeps happening with it… Recently, I wrote an episode of a children’s show with these characters, in which Marcus starred, and now this. Seriously, guys, I need help. Or a production budget. I wanna write that show.

Three Dimensions! II

So. This again. Yeah, sorry, I know this is a copout.

I get the feeling that Photography Philler’s gonna be a thing.

Happy Easter

May all your eggs be bubblegum, and all your romantic entanglements full of angst.

Filler and Narcissism

I needed an upload for this weekend and I had absolutely nothing on hand (end of the academic quarter AND I tested for 5th kyu at the dojo this weekend) so… here’s yet another self portrait.

This one wasn’t my fault, though. We did a unit on self portraiture in my art class. Mine actually came out well, so I scanned it, just in case I ever needed something to put on Radio Trees. Anyway, this is what I actually look like, sort of.

Look! Three Dimensions!

I feel bad about showing up after two weeks with a couple panels of a comic and some shirts that don’t seem to come in all the colors advertised*, so… here’s the only other thing I had on hand: photos I edited while playing around with GIMP.

You’re welcome.

*Not sure what’s going on with that yet, but hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

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