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What’s this? Why, could it be that it’s the opening shot of the first episode of a certain upcoming cartoon? It could. In fact, one might even say that that’s what it is. And look, it’s in color! The cartoon is probably going to be in flat color, or at the very most cel shading, but trust me, it’ll be pretty. Don’t worry.


One of the Many Times the Ghost Monkey Upset George


So what I have for you today is a little different than normal. I made a gif!

Each frame was drawn by hand, which is why it gets wonky near the end and looks as if the Ghost Monkey has instantaneously shot forward and Marcus has bounced off him, even though Ghost Monkey is a ghost and therefore not solid. I miscalculated where Marcus and Ghost Monkey were supposed to be, I think, and then carried that mistake through the proceeding frames. There’s also a few less concrete issues, like the speed at which Marcus falls and his fairly wooden posture throughout the fall.

But yeah, moving picture. I have successfully animated something! Achievement unlocked!

Ghost Monkey

Remember the Ghost Monkey?

The Ghost Monkey makes George nervous.

Most things make George nervous.

Marcus doesn’t like the Ghost Monkey.

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