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Hand Grabbing (Done)

Up Do

Up Do


“I’ve barely touched you.”

“You don’t know what having hair feels like. Be gentle.”

“Fine. Where’re you getting the dress?”

“I was thinking of digging something out of that one fallen down dress shop, Anastasia’s something?”

“Didn’t that belong to the host’s family?”

“Yeah. What do you think, flattering or insulting?”

“Probably insulting. Try the other caved in dress place, near Hong’s.”



One time they saved somebody rich (how you do the rich thing in the post-apocalypse is a mystery to Bri) and so some time later they got invited to a party. It was suggested to Bri that full formalwear may be a good idea, as stylish as her bow tie and fighting clothes may be. She could not quite be convinced away from the bow tie, but did dig up an evening gown. Marcus even did her hair. It was a nice evening, really.

The giant ants attacked during a slow song.

Bri and Marcus got the whole thing under control before there could be terribly much damage, thus saving a bunch more rich people. Bri began to understand how Kim Possible always had favors to call in. She kind of showed her class in her response to their defeated adversaries, post-fighting, although the rich people were still pretty grateful.


Marcus gave her the appropriate side eye. “You’re sticking your tongue out at them?”

“They ripped my dress.”

Bri Again

She’s baaack.

Knee Attack

Mini Self Portrait

Did this because it was my birthday and I had my birthday cape from when I turned fifteen and I was in a good mood and my hair was doing a cool thing and honestly at this point, we all know I’m addicted to my own face and by extension, self portraits.

And, as always, this one is still not really accurate. It’s closer, though. Might actually be a little charitable. I look pretty adorable in this.

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