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“No no no, it has to be a massive crowd scene with everyone you’ve ever drawn, and the apatosaurus floating in the background, the owl slug wrapped around a lampost, and Jillysauce, you need Jillysauce–”

“Yeah I can’t really do any of that.”

That’s right, it’s been one year.

It really shows how little I expected to come of this that I started Radio Trees on 9/11. Bit awkward, isn’t it? (My condolences to those who died on 9/11 and their families.)

It’s also just after the weekend on which I had my biggest exhibit yet. Probably the first one you could actually call an exhibit at all. So.


Well. I just really don’t know what to say. I’ve been trying to come up with something meaningful for this post, but I got nothing.

This weekend, while I was watching over my exhibit at Art Hop, some friends came by to visit me, and we raised a toast (a crushed, mostly empty water bottle one of them was holding) to the hope that one day, these will be humble beginnings. That’s really it, I guess. I hope they are. And I wouldn’t have a year ago. Art just didn’t matter nearly as much to me back then, I didn’t have enough faith in myself to let it.

So that’s pretty good.

Thank you to everyone who’s stuck around. I know I’m nowhere yet, but just you wait.


Hannah Again: Adventure Is Out There

I did tell you I loved Hannah.

This was done completely differently than anything else I’ve ever drawn. (Warning: this is where I stop being quirky and interesting.) See, I’ve been using the same image editing program, GIMP, which is incredible and possibly my best inanimate friend, for three years, and yet I haven’t exactly experimented much with it. I edit all my drawings the same way: mess with the contrast, using the dodge/burn tool, to darken up the lines (giving everything a dark glow made of originally-less-noticeable smudges from my greasy fingers), then go over each character and object with the paintbrush in color mode, because I can’t be bothered to color inside the lines. (Color mode adjusts the hue without affecting the value, meaning nice, black lines stay black, and you get that awful, shoddy, sketchy texture that I’m famous for.)

In short, I am a hack.

But this time, I actually tried new things. Stumble Upon had been making me feel bad about myself with all this gorgeous Photoshop art, and this was the perfect opportunity to defend my honor, since I really didn’t feel like shading it, anyway. Next, I decided to line it manually, and in color, because, why not? And while I was at it, why not try using layers, with which I had absolutely no experience, and which changes basically everything about the process of editing? I don’t really remember much after that, except that the next few hours were filled with evil cackling, Amanda Palmer, and repeated involuntary marriage proposals to a collection of beautiful, beautiful pixels, which you see before you now. So, yeah, I’ll probably do some more work with this style.

Portrait of Hannah

Remember Hannah? I’ll tell you a secret: I love Hannah. I love Hannah much more than you’re supposed to love a one-off character from something you drew during a 30 Rock marathon last summer. I love her friendship with Ben, I love her tendency toward both eccentricity and incredulity thereof, and I especially love her weird, pin-straight hair. I love her so much that I was able to draw her face from memory in more detail than it was created with.

Anyway, we’ve been learning a lot about portraiture in my art class, so I wanted to try some of it out, and Hannah seemed like a good candidate.

Hannah and Ben

I know Ben looks like Justin Bieber. I like this anyway. (Even if Hannah has weird-nosed turtle-head-hands.)

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