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Art Hop (Was a While Ago)

So remember Art Hop? I have some pictures for you, finally.



Art Hop was a brilliant success for me. A bunch of people looked at my work, I was told I was quite popular, and I personally saw these three or four college kids spend a lot of time looking at my exhibit. I also learned some stuff, which was nice, if a bit painful at the time. Esther and the Doctor and Time wasn’t a great choice, for instance, with its super long, hugely necessary accompanying writing. A lot of people visibly didn’t get that one, and who can blame them?

Anyways, milestone, learning experience, yada yada ya. You don’t want to hear this, you want a drawing. Well, it’s probably gonna be a bit late, and I’m sorry. I didn’t really have the opportunity to be home in my office when I thought I would be home in my office, and that’s where the drawing, which is not ready for the digital stage, is currently residing. It’s good, though. It’s got cyborg dragons. You’re gonna love it.

Anyway, hope the photos hold you over.


Art Hop

Oh, by the way, important announcement: I’m going to be displayed at this year’s Art Hop, September 7-9. My work will be at 257 Pine Street, Burlington VT.

I think it’s gonna go great, this is the biggest event I’ve ever done anything for, I have a pretty awesome selection, everything’s nice and big, and I even bought frames. Big frames. I felt fancy. Drop by, or just explore the rest of Art Hop. It always proves to be amazing.

Code of the Warrior

So I completed my first commission the other day. My dojo asked me to do this piece for the upcoming kids’ camp. There are supposed to be seven virtues of a martial artist, which kids in our dojo learn and of which they have to provide personal examples as part of their training. I remember filling out the bushido sheet myself. Honestly, most of the stuff I came up with was pretty lame, but they are real, human traits that you can find in little kids as well as in ancient samurai. Anyway, I was asked to make posters of them for the kids’ summer camp this year, with illustrations taken from the example answers on my old nemesis, the bushido sheet. The posters have come out much better than I expected, really, and I have to say I get the exercise a lot more now that I’m not ten years old and the laziest child ever. That, and the code has an appealing “real men wear pink” sort of sentiment to it. You didn’t realize how tough being nice to people was, did you?

Edit: now includes all of them, rather than rei and yu.

Art Fest (Is A Thing That Happened)


Yeah. Didn’t have my own exhibit or anything, but I did have my work shown, and that’s all I really wanted. And I slept in the grass, and I had personal minstrels, and a lot of my friends got to perform music, and I saw some really amazing work, and when I walked outside, friends and strangers were playing with chalk like little kids, creating a huge mural, and the whole experience really made me love the world.

Art Fest

Quick announcement: tomorrow, Radio Trees is coming to a Burlington High School Art Festival near you. Find it in the back of the gym, and tell your friends.

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