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Fighting Self Portrait

Hey look! Whozzat! It’s me!

This kinda isn’t my usual. Style, I mean, it’s my usual face. I tried pen ink, and used a photo as the basis, and I was shooting for something kinda different anyway. See, I’ve been reading the Buffy comics since around seventh grade, way before I was even watching Buffy (which I’m still in the process of catching up on, bit of a backwards process) and there’s a new artist. Absolutely to die for, I have no idea how to even describe it justly, and it got me thinking about comic book art. So, here, something in a different vein.

Anyway, I guess we haven’t seen me in a while, this is about what I look like these days.


Photography Philler Strikes Again

Sorry about the no updates, I haven’t had access to a scanner for a bit.

Here’s me but different.


For comparison:

DSC03348 color correction

Benevolent Leader/Hysterical Dictator

Dollar Side One smaller version

So I made this for a tech project.

And then a friend of mine said it needed more explosions and maybe some lasers.

Dollar Side One -More Explosions and Lasers- Version Small


Mini Self Portrait

Did this because it was my birthday and I had my birthday cape from when I turned fifteen and I was in a good mood and my hair was doing a cool thing and honestly at this point, we all know I’m addicted to my own face and by extension, self portraits.

And, as always, this one is still not really accurate. It’s closer, though. Might actually be a little charitable. I look pretty adorable in this.

Me Again

So I think it’s been a while since you guys have seen me. There was the DIY Greek goddess bit a while ago, but that was actually already from months back. So, well, here you go.

I kinda cut most of what was left of my hair off a while back. Oh, and discovered the wonders of hair dye.

And, as you may have noticed, it’s December 3rd, meaning NaCaScriMo is over. I’m sure you’re simply dying to know how it turned out. Basically, it was okay. Way too easy, honestly, I had a total creative crash for a bit and still finished with 181 out of 180 points. But I got a lot done, I now have six episodes worked out, and the story’s much more tied together.

Also, on the topic of things that are happening to me, I’ve got some various bits of news. My family’s kind of lost faith in the mystery and romanticism of Christmas, so my mother just asks what I want for the holiday. It’s actually kind of great, because I can make something useful out of it. Thus, this year’s indirect shopping includes markers, pastels, and, most importantly, a real, live microphone and Adobe Flash. Adobe FREAKING Flash. Maybe it’ll take me less than 4.8 years to get an episode out now! See, I was planning to do all the work by hand, since Flash is a lot of money, and having to retrace everything for each panel, scan each of them, and color it all manually, without any fill tool magic, would take a long time. I did the math out based on how long the color animation I’ve already done this way took me, and it averaged to about an hour of work per frame. The first episode wouldn’t come out for a long time. The factoring in of Flash speeds things up by a lot, as does the microphone.

Also, I did an interview for my school’s newspaper, the BHS Register, a few days ago. It’s about Radio Trees and my merchandise and the cartoon and you should all read it. It comes out in a week. And if you’re here from that, hi! I am talented and charismatic. And interesting. Sit yourself down and have a good time.

Cute Little Caricatures

I wrote my friend, Megan, from GIA, an illustrated letter recently, and I really, really liked some of the doodles, so here they are, colored.

First, we have some of my friends from GIA: Jake,




And Megan, the recipient of the letter herself.

After that, I rambled sappily about the anniversary of Radio Trees for a bit, so we have everyone’s favorite trio.

Finally, I’m being Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls this year for Halloween, so I drew him/me as him.

More to come, don’t worry. It’s just that there’s quite a lot of measuring going on with that other thing I’m working on.

Esther and the Doctor and Time (Being Painfully Un-Timey-Whimey)

I had a conversation with my friend, Willa, in a parking lot in January, where we were talking about Esther Earl and Doctor Who, and I realized Esther never saw the Eleventh Doctor. It stopped conversation for a minute. Esther Earl was a girl who became somewhat famous within one of the little corners of the internet she favored, the Vlogbrothers fandom, and she was also a fan of Doctor Who. She died two years ago today at the age of 16. My observation did not, in fact, turn out to be verifiably true, Esther died, as I said, in late August of 2010 and the Eleventh Doctor’s first season aired in April of the same year, so if she was much of a fan (and she was) we can assume she did, in fact, watch some of Matt Smith’s work before she died.

But it isn’t really whether Esther got to see the Eleventh Doctor that’s the point. It’s the way the dead get left behind. Maybe I’m being a bit obvious here –it’s possible I’m emotionally stunted and just now dealing with the finality of death or something Freudian like that– but the dead kind of stop riding the ride once they die. Esther doesn’t know about The Fault in Our Stars, for instance, a book she unintentionally helped to shape and which I think she would have loved. Any person who died in 2010 never learned about a thousand little and big things, and they’re never going to, and that rather undeniably separates us from them. Life, to use a cliche in a dramatic new light the way people do in the movies, goes on.

Esther stopped living back in 2010. My great grandmother stopped living in 2004. Billions of people have stopped living, many of them people we know, and they’re never going to learn anything ever again.

When you die, you stop taking in information. And that is what terrifies me most.

I’m sorry to talk for so long. I kind of wanted to give you something today. Like a renewed fear of oblivion. That’s an acceptable gift, isn’t it? Anyway, I’m pretty happy with how this one came out. I like being able to use the sketch for the final lines, it’s a time-saver, and the effect is great. Hopefully I’ll do some more work like this. It’s a little shoddy structurally, though. I’m having some sort of artist’s block, and I sincerely feel like I’ve forgotten how to draw. (Willa, I don’t know what happened to your …everything and I’m sorry.)

Oh, also, super high quality new scanner what whaaat. (Never doing that again.) Seriously, my mouth waters every time I look at this drawing. It’s so good that, dare I say it:

Full view for high quality version.

This is the first time I’ve felt that that was warranted.

Various Sketches

Guess who hates me? The new, old, and unidentified scanners currently in our front room. So here are photos of sketches. My apologies, I’ll try to get more finished versions of these up soon.

This was from an unsent letter about the ravey sort of dance we had midway through GIA. It was amazing.

This is Mehra. She’s from these little snippets of a thing I was trying to write a year ago. I really love Mehra as a character, she’s unaffected, unimpassioned, and cynical, but laid back about it and mature and compassionate. I kind of miss writing her. Anyway, I decided to fill up an hour of free time at GIA with drawing as many different versions of her as necessary to find the right hairstyle, and then I got it on the first try.

In our comedy writing class (yeah, this is all GIA stuff) we were told to try to come up with a distinctive character design, and then a family for them. I was halfway through drawing this woman when it became an indisputable fact that she lived alone with too many cats in an apartment in New York.

I drew one of her employees/coworkers at the coffee shop she manages instead.

So yeah. Hopefully I’ll have a working scanner by next week.


Probably not gonna be another drawing this weekend because… Art Fest. Yeah. (Actually, that’s sort of a legitimate excuse. You’ll see.)

Anyway, this is what the kids call a sketch dump. See you next weekend.

Remember Marcus? Actually, I guess you don’t. He was another character in the failed post-apocalypse comic I did, which is starting not to look so failed. More and more stuff keeps happening with it… Recently, I wrote an episode of a children’s show with these characters, in which Marcus starred, and now this. Seriously, guys, I need help. Or a production budget. I wanna write that show.

Filler and Narcissism

I needed an upload for this weekend and I had absolutely nothing on hand (end of the academic quarter AND I tested for 5th kyu at the dojo this weekend) so… here’s yet another self portrait.

This one wasn’t my fault, though. We did a unit on self portraiture in my art class. Mine actually came out well, so I scanned it, just in case I ever needed something to put on Radio Trees. Anyway, this is what I actually look like, sort of.

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