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Teenage Toddler

I tried to use this as the blueprints for some more digital paint type stuff, but then it went even more Uncanny Valley than last time. So, uh, here’s this.


Digital Painting

So, I’ve finally decided to try ditching lines altogether. I’ve been seeing so much digital painting around lately, and it’s so gorgeous, I wanted to try it.

Protip: be careful combining realistic lighting and cartoon eyes. You may end up in Uncanny Valley.

Velociraptor With a Bowler

Here, I made you a velociraptor in a bowler. Happy Sunday.

Granny May’s Bookshop


“Hey, Mehra, where’d our last copy of Catcher in the Rye go?”

Mehra’s a big J.D. Salinger fan. She thinks he’s full of crap and his life was a wreck, but at least he knows that’s true of everyone.

I did a background! God, the last time I did a background…. I used paper back then, you guys. Actual paper. I even still have that one!

Anyway, just freaking look at this. It’s not even a background, it’s, like… an actual place. It has a name, even. This, my friends, is the Gryffindor Common Room Granny May’s Bookshop, where Mehra works with Rainbow Dash Max.

So yeah. How’s this for having it together?

Editor’s note from a few years later (older, wiser, and bitterer):

I began using paper again almost immediately after this drawing. Also, the stairs are horrible.


Remember Mehra?

This was a lot of fun to do. I combined MyPaint and GIMP for this one, doing most of it in the former, then moving to the latter for shadows and highlights. Sorry for the last minute upload, but I really can’t feel too bad, what with last weekend’s quadruple update. That’s got to be a record for me.

I want to do something plotty with Mehra soon, but, then again, I’ve been wanting to do something plotty with Marcus, Bri, and George for months and look how that’s turned out. The problem is really that the excerpts of writing follow the drawings, and the drawings come out of doodles trying to cement the already fairly sturdy designs of various characters, so they’re not exactly actiony. And I’m sure my phobia of backgrounds doesn’t help. But maybe something soon? I’ll try, anyway.


And another one. This thing is great for my productivity.

Bri the Gladiator

“Yeah, I was part of the Second Roman Empire for a bit,” Bri says, and sits up, looping her arms around her knees. “After things broke down, all these people thought, ‘hey, you know what was powerful and well protected? The Roman empire.’ So they tried to redo it themselves, but there weren’t any History majors there, you know, they all got mauled pretty early on, so it was basically a bunch of people with swords trying to remake 300. They kinda made it all up as they went along, waging wars on stuff, and when they weren’t doing that, they mostly made a lot of the noobs be gladiators for entertainment. They looked like as good a shot at protection as anything, so I joined.”

Marcus raises an eyebrow. “That sounds like a… really, really bad decision.

“Yeah, well, I got a sword, so that was good.”

Bri likes her sword.


Another one.

Guys, I’m in love with a program.

MyPaint (Is MySoulmate)

So you know how right now we have three scanners and yet none of them work?

My friend, Brittany, introduced me to MyPaint.

Problem solved.

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