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What’s this? Why, could it be that it’s the opening shot of the first episode of a certain upcoming cartoon? It could. In fact, one might even say that that’s what it is. And look, it’s in color! The cartoon is probably going to be in flat color, or at the very most cel shading, but trust me, it’ll be pretty. Don’t worry.


Status Report

So. This is a status report. Firstly, NaCaScriMo. Subcategory: writing. I’ve accomplished some nice things so far, some development of the characters and little details of their relationships, but I think you’ll like it all better if you get to watch it for yourself in the next few years.

Subcategory: drawing. These are the frames I have done. There are 14 of them. They are of George getting stuck in a door and me having a personal crisis over Bri’s hair everything.

Secondly, merchandise. Remember that thing I came up with three months ago, with the reduced cost t-shirts? I don’t think it’s gonna work. I’m sorry, guys. The current method doesn’t work at all, I’m at a complete loss as to how else I could do it, and since the t-shirts aren’t something of any special importance to me in general, I’m discontinuing the idea for now. To be absolutely clear, though, THERE ARE STILL SHIRTS and you can still buy them and I’ll still be designing more in the future. The only difference is that they’re available at Skreened, which is, in reality, absolutely no change at all. They’re pretty awesome quality, too. Hopefully, later on in my career, I’ll be able to work out something that satisfies my Thoreau-ian need for independence.


Well, kids, it’s November, and you may or may not know what that means! NaNoWriMo. Or, for me, NaCaScriMo. (National Cartoon Scripting Month.)

Which makes it a prime time to unveil that I’m working on a cartoon. Should I have said that first?

Anyway, NaCaScriMo. I’m doing more than scripting, or even storyboarding and scripting, as I get antsy if I try to go more than a few days without attempting to make something just for its visual value, but I thought NaCaScriStoAndAnMo was just a bit too far from the original title. Also I’m not completely sure how that would be pronounced.

So. NaCaScriMo. I’ve made up the system based on zero experience with NaNo and barely any more with creating a complete animation, so we’ll see if I make it through the month without an emotional breakdown. The system is as follows:

6 “points” worth of work a day, which will amount to 180 at the end of the month, with a starting frame equaling 6 points, a written idea equaling 3, a storyboard panel equaling 2, and each frame equaling 1.

When I think about actually doing that much work in a day, every day for a month, I feel a little faint, but NaNo is supposed to almost kill the participants, isn’t it? If I worked according to my actual confirmed capacity, there would be no challenge. Anyway, I’ll still be uploading things, but they may be, you know, haphazard collections of frames and bits of writing. I’ll try my best for you, though. I feel terrible when I don’t. Really, a little bit of me aches, like I’m cheating on you.

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