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Status Report

So. This is a status report. Firstly, NaCaScriMo. Subcategory: writing. I’ve accomplished some nice things so far, some development of the characters and little details of their relationships, but I think you’ll like it all better if you get to watch it for yourself in the next few years.

Subcategory: drawing. These are the frames I have done. There are 14 of them. They are of George getting stuck in a door and me having a personal crisis over Bri’s hair everything.

Secondly, merchandise. Remember that thing I came up with three months ago, with the reduced cost t-shirts? I don’t think it’s gonna work. I’m sorry, guys. The current method doesn’t work at all, I’m at a complete loss as to how else I could do it, and since the t-shirts aren’t something of any special importance to me in general, I’m discontinuing the idea for now. To be absolutely clear, though, THERE ARE STILL SHIRTS and you can still buy them and I’ll still be designing more in the future. The only difference is that they’re available at Skreened, which is, in reality, absolutely no change at all. They’re pretty awesome quality, too. Hopefully, later on in my career, I’ll be able to work out something that satisfies my Thoreau-ian need for independence.

Various Sketches

Guess who hates me? The new, old, and unidentified scanners currently in our front room. So here are photos of sketches. My apologies, I’ll try to get more finished versions of these up soon.

This was from an unsent letter about the ravey sort of dance we had midway through GIA. It was amazing.

This is Mehra. She’s from these little snippets of a thing I was trying to write a year ago. I really love Mehra as a character, she’s unaffected, unimpassioned, and cynical, but laid back about it and mature and compassionate. I kind of miss writing her. Anyway, I decided to fill up an hour of free time at GIA with drawing as many different versions of her as necessary to find the right hairstyle, and then I got it on the first try.

In our comedy writing class (yeah, this is all GIA stuff) we were told to try to come up with a distinctive character design, and then a family for them. I was halfway through drawing this woman when it became an indisputable fact that she lived alone with too many cats in an apartment in New York.

I drew one of her employees/coworkers at the coffee shop she manages instead.

So yeah. Hopefully I’ll have a working scanner by next week.


So, I’ve gotten back from Governor’s Institute, confirmed that it wasn’t all a dream and the wonderful people I met there really do still exist and will be available for blanket fort parties, and now I’ve got drawings to show you, since that’s technically what I went there for. Fair warning: they’re naked. It was a figure drawing class.

So yeah. Oh, and this is a work in progress about the human condition (our teacher tended to be very philosophical):

That one’ll get a separate post when it’s done.


Probably not gonna be another drawing this weekend because… Art Fest. Yeah. (Actually, that’s sort of a legitimate excuse. You’ll see.)

Anyway, this is what the kids call a sketch dump. See you next weekend.

Remember Marcus? Actually, I guess you don’t. He was another character in the failed post-apocalypse comic I did, which is starting not to look so failed. More and more stuff keeps happening with it… Recently, I wrote an episode of a children’s show with these characters, in which Marcus starred, and now this. Seriously, guys, I need help. Or a production budget. I wanna write that show.

The Failed Post-Apocalypse Comic

This, friends, is the failed post-apocalypse comic. Stained, creased, frayed, and torn, begun eleven months ago, abandoned (for the most recent time) nine months later, it’s traveled from Mr. Stucker’s Civics class to Lake Fairlee to Biddeford, Maine to my scanner to be here, before your eyes, on the internet. As you can see, it’s made entirely out of crap and a perfectionist’s desperate attempt to allow herself to suck. Which I think I succeeded at quite well. There wasn’t really any script, and you can see how her character design evolved as I drew. Still, I’m rather fond of it, and it gives a slightly better idea of George’s universe, so here it is.

Portrait of Hannah

Remember Hannah? I’ll tell you a secret: I love Hannah. I love Hannah much more than you’re supposed to love a one-off character from something you drew during a 30 Rock marathon last summer. I love her friendship with Ben, I love her tendency toward both eccentricity and incredulity thereof, and I especially love her weird, pin-straight hair. I love her so much that I was able to draw her face from memory in more detail than it was created with.

Anyway, we’ve been learning a lot about portraiture in my art class, so I wanted to try some of it out, and Hannah seemed like a good candidate.

Story Time With Tessa: The Glass Door

Look! It’s a drawing! In fact, it’s seven drawings, because that’s just how much I love you. I’m thinking of doing a few more short comics about myself, like this, because we all know how much I like drawing myself. Which means my friends will end up in them. Which means caricatures of you guys will be on the internet. Beware.

EDIT: Color version now up. Trust me, you won’t miss the black and white.


Fun fact: I know two Jilly-Sauces. This is the original one, we named a …something after him. It’s stuffed, and green, and has a pocket, and eyes, and we found it at a garage sale. So, the original statement is only true if you believe that it is possible to know inanimate objects.

And, uh, this is from the one time I did the sketch and Lydia and Sequoia did the captions. (Meaning they stole my clipboard and wrote on my drawing.) It might actually be my favorite.

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