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Whoops, sorry for the delay, some internet issues plus artist’s block/procrastination/I’m sorry. Should have more coming for you soon, too. Some old stuff, plus some new.

Also, it’s important, I think, if I’m gonna upload things involving photomontage using photos from the internet, to source them, so, the one used in this can be found here, available from the good people of HD Wallpapers Arena. Galaxies are pretty gorgeous. I think it’s slightly apparent I’ve been a bit obsessed with creating them in the past couple months. I haven’t found a medium that feels quite right for achieving them, but that may be largely because I haven’t got the right experience in them. I’m thinking spray paint, though. I’ve seen some cool galaxies in spray paint.


April 24, 1955

Photomontage 3 - April 24, 1955

Hopefully I’ll do some more of these in the future.

Edit: the text says, “April 24, 1955: I returned to my childhood home to clean up after my parents died. When I checked the bathroom, I found this. I flushed a carnival goldfish when I was eight years old. My parents’ cause of death was unknown.”

March 15, 1957

Photomontage 2 - March 15, 1957

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