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Various Sketches

Guess who hates me? The new, old, and unidentified scanners currently in our front room. So here are photos of sketches. My apologies, I’ll try to get more finished versions of these up soon.

This was from an unsent letter about the ravey sort of dance we had midway through GIA. It was amazing.

This is Mehra. She’s from these little snippets of a thing I was trying to write a year ago. I really love Mehra as a character, she’s unaffected, unimpassioned, and cynical, but laid back about it and mature and compassionate. I kind of miss writing her. Anyway, I decided to fill up an hour of free time at GIA with drawing as many different versions of her as necessary to find the right hairstyle, and then I got it on the first try.

In our comedy writing class (yeah, this is all GIA stuff) we were told to try to come up with a distinctive character design, and then a family for them. I was halfway through drawing this woman when it became an indisputable fact that she lived alone with too many cats in an apartment in New York.

I drew one of her employees/coworkers at the coffee shop she manages instead.

So yeah. Hopefully I’ll have a working scanner by next week.


Pain. Also Rage. And Comics.

This has brought me so much pain. How much pain? So much that I am posting these three panels instead of waiting until it’s finished, because I don’t know if I can look at the other four without breaking something. Let’s just say GIMP froze and didn’t save some stuff. Three hours worth of stuff.

You know, there was a time when I could churn out a page of a comic in a couple hours. Of course, it was the crappiest comic ever, Noir Terre, which opened with a Bueller-esque comment to the reader and a pyromaniac talking cat, tried to be a slice of life romance, and eventually devolved into blubbering, hyperbolic madness (I couldn’t even keep the protagonist’s hair length consistent for a single page) but it was, nonetheless, a comic, with at least ten full pages to its name and several more scripted.

Don’t worry, The Glass Door will be finished. Eventually. Anyway, I’ll come up with more stuff for you to look at in the mean time.

Story Time With Tessa: The Glass Door

Look! It’s a drawing! In fact, it’s seven drawings, because that’s just how much I love you. I’m thinking of doing a few more short comics about myself, like this, because we all know how much I like drawing myself. Which means my friends will end up in them. Which means caricatures of you guys will be on the internet. Beware.

EDIT: Color version now up. Trust me, you won’t miss the black and white.

Self Portraitish

Character sketch. Of me. So self-portrait. For an upcoming comic.

By the way, I’m not usually this syrupy sweet, there’s generally at least a hint of mental instability.

News (If You Can Call It That)

So I don’t have anything new for you today, but I thought I’d tell you about some things I plan to draw because, well, it’s gonna take a while.

But they’re awesome.

See, I went to an aikido seminar a bit over a month ago on a farm, had a fantastic time, and when a friend and I were sitting around in a golf cart, I realized I kind of wanted to be able to remember the gorgeousness forever. So I have these two pictures I want to draw: one of the porch by lamplight, and one of the absurdly bright maze-sky. (You’ll understand that one when you see it.)

And if they don’t actually happen because I’m really busy, yes, I am going to delete this post and refuse to acknowledge I ever wrote it.

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