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Galaxy No. 1

Galaxy cropped

Happy Sunday. Galaxies are pretty things.

I should explain myself. I haven’t posted anything here in over a month, and even before that, updates were spotty for a few more. Things weren’t so good for a while, and I became afraid of drawing, and of creating in general. I don’t really have much more of an excuse than that, my fears bred an allergy to graphite. You should know it’s been miserable without you, though. Losing my motivation was more terrifying than anything else.

So now things are getting better, and here’s the plan: if you’ll look to your right, you’ll be able to find the tally of pieces of art on this blog. I’d like that number to be 104 by September 11th of this year. That is, I want the average to be one for every week by the second anniversary.

The cartoon’s going through some major revisions, I really want it to be something fun to write and watch and of which I can be proud. Therefore, for right now, the release date of the first episode is the same as Duke Nukem Forever’s once was: “when it’s done.” Feel free to give advice if, by some chance, you have opinions, I am generally of the perspective of that the rest of the internet is collectively smarter than me, and I know some of my friends are.

June 16, 1961 (Confused Farmers)

Photomontage 1 - June 16, 1961

(You’re probably gonna need to see it in high res.)

So I had an update for you last weekend, but I had to take it down. I have this for you instead. We’re doing photomontage in my Design & Illustration class. This isn’t the final product (I don’t think I’ll be including the text), but it’s an alternate version that I like.


NaCaScriMo is officially killing me. Eyes are all I can draw right now. Please just let me have this. Eventually things will be good again.

If you find this all less than impressive, please remind yourself that last weekend you got colored animation. Then please pretend this is a valid argument against your disappointment.


Photography Philler III

Yeah, I know, I’m sorry. I tried to get a bunch of different things done for you, but terrible things went wrong with each one. Anyway, I have this for you, and I might be able to accomplish some more stuff soon.

From this:

to this:

This one took several hours. People are a lot more complicated than landscapes. Or I’ve become better at editing recently. Not really sure.

Three Dimensions! II

So. This again. Yeah, sorry, I know this is a copout.

I get the feeling that Photography Philler’s gonna be a thing.


This happened.

Pain. Also Rage. And Comics.

This has brought me so much pain. How much pain? So much that I am posting these three panels instead of waiting until it’s finished, because I don’t know if I can look at the other four without breaking something. Let’s just say GIMP froze and didn’t save some stuff. Three hours worth of stuff.

You know, there was a time when I could churn out a page of a comic in a couple hours. Of course, it was the crappiest comic ever, Noir Terre, which opened with a Bueller-esque comment to the reader and a pyromaniac talking cat, tried to be a slice of life romance, and eventually devolved into blubbering, hyperbolic madness (I couldn’t even keep the protagonist’s hair length consistent for a single page) but it was, nonetheless, a comic, with at least ten full pages to its name and several more scripted.

Don’t worry, The Glass Door will be finished. Eventually. Anyway, I’ll come up with more stuff for you to look at in the mean time.

Disproportionate Redhead Who I Don’t Quite Like (She’s Shady)

Traditional media! We don’t see that every day around here!

I really don’t know a thing about this girl, which is probably why she just doesn’t sit right with me. Also because I did that thing where her body gets progressively smaller going down, like a human log scale, except not like that at all. Usually, I’ve got some idea of the life stories of the people in any drawing of mine, and the context of the drawing, and things like that. Spewing unnecessary detail is kind of a skill of mine. (Once, I even thought up the economy of a hypothetical country that was part of a simile in a draft of a letter.) But this girl… nothing. No idea. Sorry. She kind of reminds me of Marie, the blue-haired Kanker sister from Ed, Edd n Eddy, but that’s all I got.

Anyway, I was inspired by this. Which, I guess, is why she’s a redhead? The girl above you was originally in pastel, but the artist in that video, I think, was using a different sort of pastels than me, and it backfired pretty quickly.

So, yeah. Disproportionate redhead in colored pencil who I don’t quite like.

Photoshop Adventure I: The Bizarrely Purple Sky

My first attempts at Photoshop (ever) and colored pencils (in a couple years). If it’s awful, that’s why. Also because drawing it took 30 minutes and editing took 10.

News (If You Can Call It That)

So I don’t have anything new for you today, but I thought I’d tell you about some things I plan to draw because, well, it’s gonna take a while.

But they’re awesome.

See, I went to an aikido seminar a bit over a month ago on a farm, had a fantastic time, and when a friend and I were sitting around in a golf cart, I realized I kind of wanted to be able to remember the gorgeousness forever. So I have these two pictures I want to draw: one of the porch by lamplight, and one of the absurdly bright maze-sky. (You’ll understand that one when you see it.)

And if they don’t actually happen because I’m really busy, yes, I am going to delete this post and refuse to acknowledge I ever wrote it.

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