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The Glass Door is finally up in color.





I Am Fed Up With This Rotten Tomato Eating Dandelions

I told you I’d make something weird eventually.

Right, so the story behind this one is that once, I was telling a friend of mine a story, and he kept interrupting, so we finally agreed I’d just tell him the whole thing again, and he wouldn’t talk ’til I said, “I’m fed up with this rotten tomato eating dandelions.” I said I’d draw it someday, and now I have. Yaaay.

Did You Think I Was That Lazy?

More to come. We all knew I couldn’t really leave it looking like that. I’m lazy, but I’m also a perfectionist.

Old Stuff

So I tend to think of myself as having been a terrible artist before, say, late fall last year, when I drew Norah and finally started to have some confidence and reliable ability. Prior to this, my style was (to my memory) erratic and hard to define, but generally painfully 2-dimensional and kind of an anime rip-off. I had a tendency to pick up on a random handful of unrelated qualities and principles of the human body, dimension, etc., use them to further destroy my already muddled understanding of perspective, then pick up the pencil and attempt to apply my meaningless observations directly to whatever I’d been studying when I once again obliterated my confidence in reality. In short, I thought too much and lacked even the most basic understanding of pretty much anything, having been stubbornly self-taught by the worst possible teacher.

However, I was looking through this box I keep in my closet of old work and other memorabilia, and I found a few things that would suggest I’ve been too hard on myself. (What a surprise.) So, without further ado, I present the Pre-Radio Trees page, where the less painful of my early artistic endeavors can go.

I promise I’ll actually have things for you soon.

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