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Cause of Death: Indiscernable

This ‘uns got some gore in it. Fair warning.

Monster Girl 1

Another ghost. I’m becoming a hack.

Hey, so this one may not be so much for the kiddies or the weak of heart, but I have to figure out how to draw the human body in its various states, you know?


Taking Arachnopomorphization too Far Since 2010

Monster Girl 3

“It’s cute when it’s the eyes. She would be cute if it was just the eyes. But you included mandibles. Seriously, what is wrong with you.”

Scarf Ghost

Scarf Ghost

“Why’s she got a scarf if she’s a ghost?”

“She died in it. Why is that your question?”

(Pssst here’s the un-ghosty equivalent.)

Photography Philler Strikes Again

Sorry about the no updates, I haven’t had access to a scanner for a bit.

Here’s me but different.


For comparison:

DSC03348 color correction

Bri Again

She’s baaack.

Knee Attack

The Trio

(This is what was supposed to be this week’s post, and the one before it is what was supposed to be last week’s post. I’m dating them both with the dates on which they were meant to be posted. Hey, remember when I said this setup would be more consistent? Yeah, sorry.)

This is the full version of the drawing that was used for my interview in the Register. Also a useful height reference for me. Watch me disregard it in every ensuing drawing and shot for the next several years.


Been doing a character design project around Bri for Design & Illustration. Here’s two of the pieces for it.

Bri Final

Bri's House Final


Also, the Register article prints today, so, yay for that.

It’s all about the countdown to Christmas now. That’s when work on the cartoon starts for real. There are a few tweaks to be made to the script, but there’s nothing left that needs to be done (besides possibly setting up with a recording studio, but that’s just a maybe) before work on the final product starts. We’re as ready as we’ll ever be for recording and I’m set for animation, now it’s just the wait for the arrival of our tools.

Sockmonster Kingdom

“Well, gentlemen, would you look at the time, I should really be going, so if you’ll just make way, I’ll be out of your, uh, fuzz.”

And later:

“Yeah, so anyway, I’m pretty sure I’m their prisoner now.”

Paddleball (Sneak Attack)

Moments from now:



This was meant to have a lot more to it (it was also meant to be on time) but, well, here.

Oh, and the owl slug’s back. And its design has changed. It may be showing up in animated form sometime soon, which means drawing quite a lot of it, so I figured I may as well introduce the carpel tunnel-lite version now.

Cute Little Caricatures

I wrote my friend, Megan, from GIA, an illustrated letter recently, and I really, really liked some of the doodles, so here they are, colored.

First, we have some of my friends from GIA: Jake,




And Megan, the recipient of the letter herself.

After that, I rambled sappily about the anniversary of Radio Trees for a bit, so we have everyone’s favorite trio.

Finally, I’m being Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls this year for Halloween, so I drew him/me as him.

More to come, don’t worry. It’s just that there’s quite a lot of measuring going on with that other thing I’m working on.

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